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And He said to them, “Follow Me [as My disciples, accepting Me as your Master and Teacher and walking the same path of life that I walk], and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19 AMP)

Beloved, our feature text refers to the time Jesus was calling His first disciples to come follow Him and I’ve been reflecting on Peter whom He called and instantly changed His name from Simon to Peter. We are told that… Andrew brought Simon to Jesus. Jesus looked at him and said, “You are Simon the son of John. You shall be called Cephas (which is translated Peter).” (John 1:42 AMP)

Jesus changed Simons name to Peter, however, towards the end of Jesus’ ministry on earth, we hear Him refer to Peter as Simon. Jesus said… “SIMON, SIMON, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, SIMON, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, STRENGTHEN YOUR BROTHERS.” (Luke 22:31-32 NLT)

Okay! I bet Peter must have been confused. “Am I Peter or am I Simon?” Like I said, When Jesus first called Simon, He changed his name to Peter which means ‘ROCK’. But here, Jesus calls him ‘SIMON’ as if to say… “I’m not referring to Peter the ‘ROCK’. I’m referring to the weak side of you. On your way to becoming Peter, satan would attack SIMON. He would try everything to stop SIMON from becoming Peter.

The Amplified Bible says… Satan has asked excessively that [all of] you be given up to him [out of the power and keeping of God]…

The question here is why would satan be so desperate if he’s not afraid of the effect you would have against his kingdom?

The interesting thing is that Jesus didn’t plan to stop satan. Rather, He said; “that’s ok! I’m behind you praying for you… I can stop satan if I want to but you need the experience so that you can… STRENGTHEN YOUR BROTHERS”.

This should be the end result of every trial… You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, THE SAVING OF MANY LIVES (Genesis 50:20 NIV).

Beloved, unfortunately, many of us are ignorant of the fact that satan had and still has plans to sift us like wheat but every trial that comes your way is meant to grow you for your purpose. If you are reading this today, please understand that you have a purpose the Lord is preparing you for. When Jesus called Peter, He said… “Follow Me, and I will MAKE YOU fishers of men”. What Jesus did not mention here was how He planned to MAKE Peter ‘a fisher of men’.

Beloved, please know that that situation which you’re thinking is the breaking of you is actually the MAKING of you. Jesus is praying for you and so am I.

God bless you in Jesus Christ name
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11. April 2017 · Comments Off on THE COMMAND OF THE LORD IN YOUR HEART · Categories: Choices, Discipline, God's Plan, Jesus Christ

“This command I am giving you today is not too difficult for you, and it is not beyond your reach. It is not kept in heaven, so distant that you must ask, ‘Who will go up to heaven and bring it down so we can hear it and obey?’ It is not kept beyond the sea, so far away that you must ask, ‘Who will cross the sea to bring it to us so we can hear it and obey?’ No, the message is very close at hand; it is on your lips and in your heart so that you can obey it. “Now listen! Today I am giving you a choice between life and death, between prosperity and disaster (Deuteronomy 30.11-15 NLT).

Beloved, I remember a while back travelling down the motorway where I found myself going slightly over the speed limit and without no speed cameras in sight or speed limit warning signs to slow me down, I said to myself… “hey, I don’t like the speed at which you’re going so you better slow down”. From then on, I did my best to ensure I was under the speed limit and then the Lord started ministering to me. The question was… “what made you decide to slow down?”

Well, my answer was that I felt uncomfortable and without being told, I knew within me that it was unsafe.

Beloved, what am I trying to say here? Well, applying this to our walk with the Lord, there comes a point when you know it’s for your own good to ‎obey God’s word because in doing so, you know you are choosing life. No one has to force you. No pastor has to preach and lose sleep over you. They don’t have to go into heaven and bring the word down… it becomes a matter of choice… TODAY I AM GIVING YOU A CHOICE BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH, BETWEEN PROSPERITY AND DISASTER… and ‎without being told, you know what the right choice is. The psalmist said… I have hidden Your word in my heart, that I might not sin against You (Psalms 119:11 NLT).

One of the things I had to consider as I decided to slow down on the motorway was the fact that a year before that then, my driving license was endorsed with some penalty points. It was very painful because it was something that could have been avoided and I vowed that would be the first and last time so, nobody had to tell me twice… my suffering was good for me, for it taught me to pay attention to Your decrees (Psalms 119.71 NLT).

Beloved, there’s a place you get to where you know you can’t afford to involve yourself in anything that’s outside the will of God because you know for sure that it won’t work and for me, I don’t think I’ve got it in me to pay the price or bear the consequences. I’ve been there, done that and have the scars to show for it. The Bible say… even though Jesus was God’s Son, He learned obedience from the things He suffered (Hebrews 5:8 NLT).

So, have you learnt to choose life with your decisions?

God bless you in Jesus Christ name
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07. April 2017 · Comments Off on WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR SILVER AND GOLD? · Categories: Choices, Decision making, Discipline, God's Plan, Jesus Christ, Spiritual Growth

And the people of Israel did as Moses had instructed; they asked the Egyptians for clothing and articles of silver and gold. The Lord caused the Egyptians to look favorably on the Israelites, and they gave the Israelites whatever they asked for. So they stripped the Egyptians of their wealth! (Exodus 12:35-36 NLT).

Beloved, so, for many years the Israelites were under bondage. This happened until the Lord stepped in to rescue them but the Lord didn’t just rescue them, He made sure they didn’t go empty handed. The Lord ensured that the Israelites were paid for all the years they lost to the Egyptians. There was a great wealth transfer that day; enough for them and their children and children’s children but what was the first thing the Israelites did with the gold and silver they were given?

Hanging around in the wilderness without any direction… Aaron said, “Take the gold rings from the ears of your wives and sons and daughters, and bring them to me.” All the people took the gold rings from their ears and brought them to Aaron. Then Aaron took the gold, melted it down, and molded it into the shape of a calf… (Exodus 32:2-4 NLT)

We know the story… they worshiped the golden calf and the partying began… The people got up early the next morning to sacrifice burnt offerings and peace offerings. After this, they celebrated with feasting and drinking, and they indulged in pagan revelry (Exodus 32:6 NLT).

Beloved, the message here is simple; when you come out with silver and gold without purpose in mind, you will build a golden calf to worship. SELAH: PAUSE AND CALMLY THINK ABOUT THAT!

It was only later that… the Lord said to Moses, “Tell the people of Israel to bring me their sacred offerings… Here is a list of sacred offerings you may accept from them: gold, silver, and bronze… “Have the people of Israel build me a holy sanctuary so I can live among them (Exodus 25:1-3, 8 NLT).

Beloved, I’m sure we love when the Lord says… I will compensate you for the years that the swarming locust has eaten… (Joel 2:25 AMP). It’s exciting just thinking of how the Lord can restore everything you’ve lost to the enemy but without a purpose in mind, you too may just end up building a golden calf to worship.

Yes, we are all expecting the Lord’s restoration. We are all expecting the Lord’s blessing and like the Israelites, even a wealth Transfer, but the Lord is challenging you today… Why do you want to be blessed? Could I have a purpose in mind for you?

SELAH: PAUSE AND CALMLY THINK ABOUT THAT… and then perhaps pray this way: Our Father in heaven, may Your name be honored, may Your kingdom come, may Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily… (Matthew 6:9-11) direction.

God bless you in Jesus Christ name
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04. March 2017 · Comments Off on GENUINE LOVE WILL TELL YOU WHERE YOU ARE MISSING IT · Categories: Action, Discipline, God's Plan, Identity, Jesus Christ, Trusting God

As Jesus was starting out on His way to Jerusalem, a man came running up to Him… and asked… what must I do to inherit eternal life?” …Looking at the man, JESUS FELT GENUINE LOVE FOR HIM. “THERE IS STILL ONE THING YOU HAVEN’T DONE,” HE TOLD HIM. “Go and sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow Me.” At this the man’s face fell, and he went away sad, for he had many possessions (Mark 10:17-22 NLT).

Beloved, recently, I was listening to a prominent preacher say something that made me laugh. He said “away with this new, ‘feel good’ God many are presenting in our churches today who would not point out your wrong doings. He went on to say that the fact that the Father chastises you is proof that you are a legitimate son of His (Hebrews 12:6-11).

As I was meditating on our feature text, I remembered what he said. Here, we see this man wanting to know what to do to inherit eternal life and out of genuine love for him, Jesus told him that “there is still one thing you haven’t done.”

Beloved, this tells me ‎that genuine love would point out the things in your life that would make you miss what the Lord has for you. You can’t tell me that you would see a child putting their hand in fire but say nothing just because you don’t want to offend them. Is that genuine love?

Today, we hear many people say “don’t talk to people about their sin or wrong doing. It is better to just love them and make them feel good but can you back it up with one Scripture?

Well… there is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death (Proverbs 14:12 NKJV).

The emphasis here is on ‘seems’ because what seems right to man may not necessarily be right.

The problem here is what our understanding of chastisement is and this is mainly based on how our earthly parents and other authoritative figures i.e. teachers chastised us‎. Recently, a pastor was telling me that a pastor he knows told him that He sees God as a wicked God who is always out to punish him but this perception is based on his own relationship with his earthly father who was just mean.

Beloved, what we need in the body of Christ is to heal this wounds people carry so they can see God correctly. Yes, He would point out where you are missing it but that’s because He genuinely loves you. When you have genuine love for someone, you have their best interest at heart.

Beloved… All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right (2 Timothy 3:16 NLT). Let’s rid ourselves of our ‘it is better to do this’ opinions and go back to what the Bible says.

God bless you in Jesus Christ name
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[The Man] asked him, What is your name? And [in shock of realization, whispering] he said, Jacob [supplanter, schemer, trickster, swindler]! And He said, Your name shall be called no more Jacob [supplanter], but Israel [contender with God]; for you have contended and have power with God and with men and have prevailed (Genesis 32:27-28 AMPC).

Beloved, we know the story of Jacob who spent a considerate amount of years running away from his brother because he stole his birth right and blessings. However, after having a taste of his own medicine from Laban… Then the Lord said to Jacob, “Return to the land of your father and grandfather and to your relatives there, and I will be with you.” (Genesis 31:3 NLT)

Beloved, the Lord’s instruction meant that Jacob had to go back and face his brother but not without wrestling it out with God first; a battle that resulted in a change of name and character. He was no longer Jacob, the supplanter, schemer, trickster, swindler. He was now Israel.

So, what happened next? We are told that Jacob went ahead to face his brother and… he bowed to the ground seven times as he approached his brother. But Esau ran to meet him. He embraced Jacob, kissed his neck, and they both cried (Genesis 33:3-4 Voice). So, why was it easy for Esau to receive his brother after everything that took place between them?

I remember someone saying it’s because Esau met with Israel and not Jacob. It was Jacob he had an issue with but Jacob was no more. He was dead.

Beloved, what am I trying to say? The word of God says… When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him (Proverbs 16:7 AMP). The Voice translation says… When people make good choices, He is pleased; He even causes their enemies to live peacefully near them. The Message translation says… When God approves of your life, even your enemies will end up shaking your hand.

One thing I always tell the people I mentor or anyone I’m giving counsel to is that they shouldn’t focus on the people that have issues with them. Rather, your focus should be on working on improving yourself and pleasing the Lord. Yes, people may have a valid reason for pointing the finger at you or they may not, however, there’s nothing like ceasing every opportunity to grow. That’s what the Christian journey is about… And we all, with unveiled face, continually seeing as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are progressively being transformed into His image from [one degree of] glory to [even more] glory, which comes from the Lord, [who is] the Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:18 AMP).

Like the Apostle of my church would say #pre-me-glow… Same thing as saying “watch me glow or transform before your very eyes”

Beloved, today is the last day in November and we are about to enter December, the last month of 2016 and it’s another opportunity to reflect and examine your ways. In what areas has the Holy Spirit been dealing with you?

God bless you in Jesus Christ name
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26. October 2016 · Comments Off on REVERENCING THE LORD JESUS CHRIST · Categories: Discipline, Jesus Christ, Relationship, Worship

I, John… I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day… and I heard a voice behind me. It sounded like the blast of a trumpet… When I turned around to see what sort of voice this was that was addressing me, I saw seven golden lampstands. And among the lampstands, I saw One like the Son of Man right in front of me dressed in a long robe… When I saw Him, I fell at His feet. It was as though I were dead. But He reached down and placed His right hand on me. This is not the time for fear… (Revelation 1:9-17 Voice)

Beloved, there’s something that the Apostle of my church talked about recently that has had me thinking for the past few weeks and it’s how John the disciple that Jesus loved reacted when He got reintroduced to the resurrected Jesus Christ. In our feature text, John talks about his vision where he heard a voice behind him. Only for him to turn around to see who was talking to him and what he saw frightened him. He said he saw One like the Son of Man who happens to be none other than the risen Jesus shining in glory.

Beloved, this is the same John that used to chill with Jesus. We are told in the Bible that… One of His disciples, whom Jesus loved (esteemed), was leaning against Jesus’ chest (John 13:23 AMP). We know that this is a reference to John. He was so close to Jesus that he got on the nerves of the other disciples, especially Peter. However, he now sees Jesus but can hardly recognise Him. He said… I saw ONE LIKE the Son of Man…

Beloved, have you ever had a friend that you play around with every day but then when you visit them in their office, you can’t believe it’s the same friend you are so familiar with. Everywhere they go everyone’s making way for them and bowing down to greet them; “Good morning sir”. This is similar to what John witnessed. What he saw was not the Jesus He knew. He said… I saw One like the Son of Man right in front of me dressed in a long robe. Across His chest was draped a golden sash. His head and hair were pure white, white as wool and white as snow; His eyes blazed like a fiery flame; His feet gleamed like brightly polished bronze, purified to perfection in a furnace; His voice filled the air and sounded like a roaring waterfall. He held seven stars in His right hand, from His mouth darted a sharp double-edged sword, and His face shone a brilliant light, like the blinding sun (Revelation 1:13-16 Voice).

This wasn’t the same Jesus that was regarded as nothing on the earth. In this place, He is reverenced and worshiped. However, under the guise of relationship, we have become too familiar with Him that we don’t even respect his name. Many use small letter for ‘jesus’. Many just use ‘IJN’. Many would interrupt their conversation with Him just to answer a phone call or WhatsApp message.

Beloved, how much do you reverence the Lord Jesus Christ? I pray this ministers to you.

God bless you in Jesus Christ name
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And you have forgotten the exhortation which speaks to you as to sons: “My son, do not despise the chastening of the Lord, nor be discouraged when you are rebuked by Him; For whom the Lord loves He chastens, and scourges every son whom He receives.” If you ENDURE CHASTENING, God deals with you as with sons; for what son is there whom a father does not chasten? But if you are without chastening, of which all have become partakers, then you are illegitimate and not sons (Hebrews 12:5-8 NKJV).

Beloved, if you are like me, then chastisement isn’t a word you like hearing but that’s because many of us have memories that could be classified as abusive. I remember having a primary school teacher who would flog you depending on your test scores. So, for example, if you scored 6 out of 10 then he gave you 4 strokes of his cane. If you scored 7 out of 10, he gave you 3 strokes. The only way you escaped his chastisement was if you had a perfect score of 10 out of 10. Now, he was both my class teacher and after school (lesson) teacher so you can imagine the amount of flogging I received. However, that doesn’t mean I was dumb though (LOL).

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that we usually think God’s chastening is the kind of abusive chastening that many of us grew up with. However, when we look at the Greek word ‘paideia’, it means instruction that trains someone to reach full development (maturity). It involves the whole training and education of children which relates to the cultivation of mind, morals and virtues and is a means that God uses to move us from babes to mature sons.

Beloved, the Lord’s chastening isn’t punishment. Rather, it’s about educating, training, nurturing, correcting etc. and a sure sign that the He’s working in your life. Our feature text talks about enduring chastening. This isn’t a bad thing. What we need is to correct our perception. We are told that if we endure correction, God treats us as sons but not just sons, mature sons (Huios) that the world is earnestly waiting for to manifest (Romans 8:19) and not just babes or teenagers so we shouldn’t despise it or be discouraged by it.

A few days ago, I was telling a young lady about this maturity level of sonship that God wants to get us to and so if He’s taking us through a process where He’s teaching us to love or be humble like Christ, then we ought to embrace it.

I was listening to someone say God’s chastening brings about new revelation in our lives and our attitude should be ‘thank You Lord, my eyes are now open and I can see what you are doing in my life. I accept and embrace it and as you do so, you quickly move on to a higher level; a better place than you’ve ever been. They went on to say despising God’s chastening is a soul reaction while endurance is a work of the spirit.

Hmmm… Beloved, are you allowing the Lord treat you as an illegitimate son?

God bless you in Jesus Christ name
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‏Because we are in this particular role, it is especially important that we are people of fidelity and integrity. It makes little difference to me how you or any human court passes judgment on me. I even resist the temptation to compare myself to the ever-changing human standard. Although I am not aware of any flaw that might exclude me from this divine service, that’s not the reason I stand acquitted—the only supreme judge, our Lord, will examine me in the proper time (1 Corinthians 4:2-4 VOICE).

Beloved, a friend told me that this year, the Lord told her to have an audience of one where that one is God Himself. What this means is that the Lord was asking her to focus on Him; “Don’t focus on anyone. Don’t focus on yourself but just stay focus on Me”.

As I read our feature text, what she said came to mind. Here, Apostle Paul is saying… It makes little difference to me how you or any human court passes judgment on me…. probably because he knows people would always have something to say…

However, regardless of people’s impression about you, you should make the decision to be a person of integrity. Unfortunately, for many of us, when there are people around, there’s a tendency to act in a particular way just to give them a good impression about us but behind closed doors, we could be something else. However, there’s a word for that kind of behaviour which is simply ‘hypocrisy’ and while we can fool people, we cannot fool God. Like the Bible says… Make no mistake: God can’t be mocked. What you give is what you get. What you sow, you harvest (Galatians 6:7 Voice).

Paul goes on to say that… When the Lord comes, He will draw our buried motives, thoughts, and deeds (even things we don’t know or admit to ourselves) out of the dark shadows of our hearts into His light. When this happens, THE VOICE OF GOD WILL SPEAK TO EACH OF US THE ONLY PRAISE THAT WILL EVER MATTER (1 Corinthians 4:5 VOICE).

Beloved, this ought to stir something in you because most times we tend to present a front before people but I always like to say that the greatest revelation that we can ever receive is that nothing is hidden before God. We tend to say it but I wonder whether we truly believe it. What this tells me is that, we should be people of integrity in our thoughts and actions and this should be whether you are in a crowd of people or alone.


Beloved let this be our focus… Every man’s way is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs and examines the hearts [of people and their motives] (Proverbs 21:2 AMP).

God bless you in Jesus Christ name
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20. August 2016 · Comments Off on ‏‏DON’T BREAK THE HEDGE‏ · Categories: Discipline, Jesus Christ, Relationship, Self Control, Sin

He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him (Ecclesiastes 10:8 KJV).

Beloved, last week, I was discussing with a woman of God who happened to have ministered at a funeral service of a teenager who was brutally stabbed to death. It was indeed a very sad story but she said that as she was ministering in the church that held a service for him, the Holy Spirit began to minister to her about the state of the parents; both the fathers and the mothers and so she began to pour out heart as felt led by the Holy Spirit.

She then went on to say that after the service, one of the pastors came to her to confirm what she was saying. These are mothers still attending night clubs and are involved in all kinds of things and as we were talking, she mentioned our feature text; of course, when the hedge is broken, it leaves an opening for the serpent to bite.

Unfortunately, the deceased teenager happened to be a member of a gang who after killing him left with a threat saying; “two down, two more to go”. And so because of these threats, the mother of the deceased teenager decided to take her other sons out of the country. However, I couldn’t help but think that as parents, we ought to do more than that. We ought to be held accountable for our actions.

As part of my preparation for our yearly youth event, I came across something someone said which is that it is a parent’s role to provide for the safety, security and protection of their children but this isn’t just in a show of power. They also protect you by what they say and expose you to. You can’t be going about drinking, entertaining all sorts of questionable guests in your house, holding all kinds of parties and watching all sorts in front of your children and expect them to turn out differently. I heard the deceased boy had said something of that nature about his mum.

I once heard someone say this to their step dad when he was about to tell them off. They said; “Don’t even dare, we are partners in crime!”. That shut the step dad up.

Beloved, can you imagine that?

I was listening to someone say gone are the days when we had praying mothers that dedicated their lives to praying for their children. Now, we have mothers who struggle to fit into the same clothes as their children so they can enter the same night clubs. They went on to say that a twelve-year-old is not a murderer but just a misguided and lost child.

I’ve been studying about father and mother wounds recently and it’s not necessarily physical wounds but it refers to the way the neglect or misdirection of parents can have a lasting effect on their children and I believe it’s time we start asking the question; what hedges are we breaking that’s allowing the serpent to bite our children?


God bless you in Jesus Christ name
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19. August 2016 · Comments Off on BE COMMITTED AND INVEST IN YOUR CHANGE‏ · Categories: Action, Change, Choices, Discipline, God's Plan, Jesus Christ, Self Control, Spiritual Growth

Athletes in training are very strict with themselves, exercising self-control over desires, and for what? For a wreath that soon withers or is crushed or simply forgotten. That is not our race. We run for the crown that we will wear for eternity. So I don’t run aimlessly. I don’t let my eyes drift off the finish line. When I box, I don’t throw punches in the air. I DISCIPLINE MY BODY AND MAKE IT MY SLAVE so that after all this, after I have brought the gospel to others, I will still be qualified to win the prize (1 Corinthians 9:25-27 VOICE).

Beloved, recently, I saw a post on Facebook that kind of messed me up. It said “You will never see the next level of your destiny UNTIL YOU CHASE THE NEXT LEVEL OF DISCIPLINE. You may not be as ready for the next phase as you think!”

This is one of those sayings that immediately you read it, the Holy Spirit starts highlighting areas in your life that need the kind of discipline your next level requires. For some of us, it’s in our prayer life. For some, it’s controlling your tongue. For others, it’s studying or cutting those late nights and for some, it’s being disciplined with our diet… and let all the saints say “amen”

Beloved, Jesus said… everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more (Luke 12:48 AMP) and in our feature text, Apostle Paul uses the analogy of an at athlete in training to give a picture of what it takes to discipline oneself. He talks about intentionality. He lets us know that continuing in the race doesn’t just come easy… I DISCIPLINE MY BODY AND MAKE IT MY SLAVE… I tell my body what to do not the other way around. For example, no matter how your body tells you how it feels, when it’s time to get up to go to work, you make the decision to get up and your body will soon fall in line with your decision. So, why can’t we apply the same principle to other areas of our lives?

Beloved, I’ve always wondered why athletes are so disciplined and very strict with themselves. Is it because they know they have an audience; people that would be cheering them on? Well, if that’s the case, we too have people cheering us on.

The Bible says… Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses [who by faith have testified to the truth of God’s absolute faithfulness], stripping off every unnecessary weight and the sin which so easily and cleverly entangles us, let us run with endurance and active persistence the race that is set before us (Hebrews 12:1 AMP)

The Voice translation says… let us drop every extra weight, every sin that clings to us and slackens our pace, and let us run with endurance the long race set before us.

Beloved, do you need to be committed to your next level?

God bless you in Jesus Christ name
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